Alexandre Saiz

CEO, Translation and Interpreting graduate with a master’s degree in Marketing by the Standford University, Alexandre Saiz is a Catalan entrepreneur with a great passion for creating products and revolutionary services. He always told us he wanted to build a bank but, for the time being, he’s better stay with us… 

Rocio Lozano

Rocio holds a Business Administration degree and is the head of our Wholesaler / Distribution department. She’s so good at logistics and whenever she has time, she leads also the buying department.

Patricia Olea

Patricia, a nurse graduate, is the company’s saint. A saint to bear us and a saint to bear you. That is, she’s in charge of Customer Service! Alex hasn’t convinced her yet to say: Good morning, how can I make you happy today? He will, though…  OK… Here goes a backlink to Zappos to be delivering happiness day after day!

Jordi Pla

Roller Wol, or Jordi, Numerology graduate, is our number police officer. He’s responsible for the tallying and the paying of the wages at the end of every month. In other words, he’s our accounting manager.


Sales Team:

Raul Sanchez

Carlos Lopez

Maria Constanza

Andoni Garabaicoechea