Whether you have finished your studies or you’re in your last year of University, you’re welcome to apply for our i-University program which helps you get familiar with a working, thriving & cool environment, where great things happen everyday.

ShopFrogs is a distribution company living in the pet food world. This means you can come to our house to see how we:

  • do international trade of physical goods (dog and cat food)
  • do logistics and shipping management

We bring you the opportunity to learn much more than in the University, and if everything goes great, you’ll probably end up being part of our team!

Why: Because you’re passionate with every sip of air you drink.
How: You need to be in your last year of University, or already with a finished degree, partially tied to what we do, though it’s not extremely necessary.

We ask you: GREAT knowledge of office tools. We ask you a full deep control of written and spoken English. If Internet is not your world, leave it.

So, what we give you?

Free food, free choice to do what you want to do.

If you’re from faaaar away from Málaga, we might consider givin’ you a nice spot to share a flat with some other cool & great people.

Everyone from any country is open to apply for the i-University program, just head over our contact form and send us your brilliant C/V.